Welcome to Botanica La Madama. We specialize in custom items such as Egun & Ocha (Santo) dolls, Small & large Ocha clothing & Palo clothing (Sizes up to 6x). Small Mazos & Ides, Fabric Ocha Crowns, Covered Ita Books, Irukes. We also Offer:

Baths / banos
Breaking of clothes (break away bad influences) / Rompimientos
Spiritual Mass / Misas Espirituales
Head cleanings / Rogacion de cabesa
Spiritual Readings / Consultas
Candles for money, love, prosperity etc... / Velas para dinero, amor, prosperidad etc...
Orisha / Santo tools, herramientas de Santos
Palo Mayombe / Palo outfits custom tailored to your Rama (Trajes de Saco)
Ocha / Santo Clothing / Traje de Santo-Sizes up to/Hasta 6X, Tallas-Sizes up to/Hasta 6X
Luncheon Dress / Clothing / Traje de Almuerso-Sizes up to/Hasta 6X, Tallas-Sizes up to/Hasta 6X
Skirts / Sallas custom ordered - Ordenes personalizadas ..... Please look around and if you require assistance feel free to contact us via email, Enjoy your stay.
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